Laksa Sunfed Dumplings (V)

Supreme Winner for Artisan Award 2021.

Who doesn’t love a good laksa? We put a whole bowl of flavoursome laksa into one single dumpling. Travel with us to Singapore and enjoy intoxicating aromas of exotic fresh ingredients, including the scrumptious NZ made chicken-free-chicken by Sunfed.

Made with turmeric pastry and a secret spice paste of organic coconut, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal.

✔   100% Natural
✔   Plant Based/ Vegan friendly
✔   Handmade in Wellington
✔   Quality Ingredients Only
✔   Locally Sourced Ingredients whenever possible
✗   NO Nasty Additives


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House of Dumplings Chicken-free laksa dumplings
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