Our Values

All handmade from scratch

100% Natural

Every single dumpling is carefully handcrafted by us each step of the way. From making the pastry to preparing the fillings.

Nature provides us with an abundance of beautiful flavours, therefore we only add fresh herbs, spices and seasoning to our food.


NO Preservatives

NO Artificial Nasties


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Ethically Produced

Local Ingredients

We pride ourselves on being a local NZ company. We want to ensure that our ingredients are locally produced as well, and that we are transparent with you about our basic principles:

NZ Free Range Meat ONLY

Sustainable Sourced ONLY

NO Slavery

NO Antibiotics/ Growth Hormones

YES NZ Grown and Produced

This a list of OUR SUPPLIERS.

What's Our Secret?

Watch the video to find out!

Queen of Dumplings

My Heritage

I was blessed to grow up making dumplings with my Mama, in a tiny apartment in Hong Kong. Not only is she the best cook, but she also taught me how one should respect beautiful ingredients and always let simple flavours shine. I want to share my mum’s home cooking experience with you, using the best, freshest and most ethical ingredients we can find in Aotearoa.

Vicky Ha

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Vicky sustainability

Food & Packaging

Reduce Waste

One third of the food being produced on this planet is wasted. 

As a food producer, it is our duty not to waste food. 

All our vegetable scraps are either composted or sent to feed animals. 

We try to reduce plastic packaging as much as possible and compost/ recycle where we can.

Find our products at Refill Nation for a more sustainable purchasing method.

Click here and check out our Packaging & Sustainability.

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