Packaging & Sustainability

Principles on Sustainable Packaging

Here at House of Dumplings, we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet and being as sustainable as possible. We are dedicated to:

→ Reducing the use of plastics

→ Reducing the use of packaging while still being able to send food to you safely

→ Using compostable and recyclable material as much as possible

How to recycle/ dispose our packaging

Please reuse, recycle and compost our packaging whenever possible. Here is a complete guide for how to do so:


 Type of PackagingMaterial Recycling Options
Sauce Bottles Glass + Plastic lids

✔  Reuse

✔  Kerb Side Recycle – GLASS

✔  Drop back to our HQ (Wellington CBD). $0.50 each bottle, credit toward your next purchase.

Carton boxes and Paper WrapUnbleached Cardboard + Paper 

✔  Kerb Side Recycle – PAPER

✔  Home Compostable

Ice Gel PacksSoft Plastic + Drain Safe Gel

✔  Reuse

✔  Drop back to our HQ (Wellington CBD). $0.50 each, credit towards your next purchase.

✔  Drain + Kerb Side Recycle – PLASTIC

Icepack disposal

Dumpling Tray Aluminium Foil + Paper Sleeve + Soft Plastic Film

✔  Kerb Side Recycle – CANS

✔  Kerb Side Recycle – PAPER

Please ensure to peel off all soft plastic before recycling.

Wool PackWool + Compostable Plastic

✔  Home Compostable

✔ Drop back to our HQ (Wellington CBD).$2 each, credit towards your next purchase.

✔ Reuse Tips: We like this page from My Food Bag:
15 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Wool Pouches
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