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The House of Dumplings Journey

Vicky and her mother at House of Dumplings
Vicky and her mother at House of Dumplings

Growing up

Vicky's love for dumplings started from a young age.

She grew up in a Hong Kong apartment full of delicious food. Vicky and her mama used to make and eat dumplings together, which is where she learnt the value of fresh, flavoursome and hand-crafted food. 

Frying dumplings
Frying dumplings

Becoming a chef

Vicky always wanted to be a chef but her family insisted on university first. After her studies in Otago, Vicky became a 'dishie' and fell in love with the chaos of the kitchen. She went to cheffing school and worked in various places across Wellington.

Vicky used to make her mum's dumplings for her chef mates when she had them over for dinner. They were instantly hooked and urged Vicky to start making them commercially. 

Vicky making dumplings
Vicky making dumplings

A quick detour

With her dream in mind, Vicky went to the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia and worked as a cook on a prawn trawler. The work was tough but she managed to save enough to kick off her small business. 

Vicky selling dumplings at the market
Vicky selling dumplings at the market

Humble beginnings

Originally called The Dumpling House, Vicky started her company by selling dumplings at the Wellington City Market. It took 17 hours to prepare for her first day at the market, and the dumplings sold out in only two. They were a hit!

Vicky House of Dumplings
Vicky House of Dumplings

House of Dumplings

After 2 1/2 years serving Wellingtonians from her portable bike stall, Vicky opened our shop/ production kitchen in Taranaki St. We first started stocking our dumplings in Moore Wilsons, and then more supermarkets hopped on board. 

House of Dumplings Supreme Award Winner - Chicken-Free Laksa
House of Dumplings Supreme Award Winner - Chicken-Free Laksa

Supreme Award Winner

House of Dumplings products are now sold in 150 supermarkets across the country. 

In 2020, we won the Frozen Category in the NZ Artisan Food Awards and in 2021, we took out the overall Supreme Award

Past Collaborations

We’ve done some pretty awesome things over the years. If you want to dig even further, check out the links below .. 

We gifted 500 dumplings to the Wellington City Mission in honour of their new partnership with The Food Show. 

Vicky shared some of her secret ‘dumpling queen’ recipes

Part of a profile on local food brands that originated from farmer’s markets. 

‘Things I wish I knew before starting my own business.’ 

Collab with business.govt about the ups and downs of growing a business

Called for tighter country of origin labelling laws to support local food producers during the pandemic. 

Featured on RNZ’s Nine to Noon Podcast

Winner of the Best Artisan Food & Drink award in the Capital magazine Best of Wellington 2021 awards. 

Winner of the Small Business Driver initiative and interviewed on The AM Show



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