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Regal Marlborough King Salmon dumplings with edamame and sake.

Introducing our brand new limited edition flavour! Perfect for spring and summer barbecues, our Regal Marlborough King Salmon dumplings bring together the best NZ produced seafood, edamame and Japanese sake. The star of the dumpling is the fresh salmon flavour, complimented by NZ grown Fieldco kumara and wrapped up in a paprika pastry for that salmon-orange colour! Try it while you can – coming to a supermarket near you.

Limited edition.

NO growth hormones. NO antibotics.


100% Natural

NO antibiotics/ growth hormones

No Nasty Additives

No Steaming Required

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  1. Grab your required amount of dumplings from your freezer.
  2. Thaw out on your benchtop for 30mins.
  3. Place a neutral oil like vegetable oil, in a medium-hot pan
  4. Ppan-fry both sides for 2-3 mins each side.

4 – 6 dumplings for a snack/ entree .

8 – 12 dumplings for the main meal.

Enjoy your dumplings on its own with Vicky’s mama sauce, with steam greens, a salad, or in a soup.


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