Our Values | House of Dumplings

Good people. Good dumplings.

Our philosophy

Life is short, got to eat like kings and queens. We use fresh NZ produce – ethically produced and locally
sourced wherever possible. We flat-out refuse to use MSG or anything with numbers in it, and we do our best to minimise our environmental impact through composting, recycling and biodegradable packaging.


What goes in to our dumplings?

As a food producer, we have the obligation to do our very best to make delicious food without costing our planet an arm and a leg. Our values define who we are and this is are our philosophy!

No Nasty Additives

Every single dumpling is made with love. You will NOT find any MSG, artificial colouring or flavouring or preservatives in our range whatsoever.

Local, ethical ingredients

We love getting our ingredients from local producers and farmers. It’s very important to us that the animals we eat have led a decent life, as nature intended.

Environment comes first

We try our best to minimise the impact on our planet. Our packaging is biodegradable and we compost all our food scraps and try our best to keep it out of landfill.