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Plant-Based/ Vegan Dumplings

Hemp is a great plant-based protein, naturally high in Omega 3 plus many other goodness. This comfy tasting hemp and edamame dumpling, is sweetened with Northland grown Feildco kūmara. It is perfect for the whole family and don’t forget school lunchboxes!

The pastry is made with hemp protein and seeds from Hemp Connect.

100% Natural

Plant based/ Vegan friendly

No Nasty Additives

5 mins Pan Fry from Frozen

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  1. Grab your required amount of dumplings from your freezer.
  2. Thaw out on your benchtop for 30mins.
  3. Place a neutral oil like vegetable oil, in a medium-hot pan
  4. Pan-fry both sides for 2-3 mins each side.

4 – 6 dumplings for a snack/ entree.

8 – 12 dumplings for a main meal.

Enjoy your dumplings on its own with Vicky’s mama sauce, with greens, with a salad or in a soup.


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