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Chilli Oil- The Multi-Purpose Ingredient Your Kitchen Is Missing!


Hot chilli oil with Szechuan peppercorn. You will find this sauce in every Hong Kong noodle soup shop. Our chilli oil is made using The Good Oil a refined rapeseed oil that is grown and cold-pressed in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Cold-pressing means no heat or chemicals are used during the oil extraction process- which is better for you and the environment!

This lends our chilli oil a number of benefits – not only is it a fantastic multi-purpose product but it is also high in vitamin E and has 50% less saturated fat than olive oil!

Some other awesome facts about our chilli oil:

  •  It is 100% Natural. House of Dumplings don’t use any MSG or flavour enhancers!
  • Our chilli oil is Vegan/Plant-Based
  • It’s multi-purpose! Perfect for roasting, frying or as a salad dressing.

Many vegetable and cooking oils  on the market are available only as a result of mass deforestation, habitual destruction and chemical pollution of the surrounding soil and water. That’s why we’re proud to make products that are ethically produced, using locally sourced ingredients.

Some ways to use our chilli oil:

There are so many ways to use our chilli oil; it’s the perfect accompaniment for any savoury dish, no matter what cuisine. There’s probably even a few brave souls who have drizzled it over their ice cream!

  • Toss your veggies in it before your next roast for a perfect, all-over golden crisp (and some added spice!)
  • Tingle your tastebuds by drizzling it over your next salad, adding depth of flavour and a kick to your lunch!
  • Wake yourself up properly by adding it to your breakfast (ok maybe not in your morning smoothie) but drizzle some chilli oil over your eggs to compliment the creamy texture, or spread it over your toast with with some cream cheese!

Hot Tip! 

Drizzle our chilli oil over freshly steam greens (we love using fresh broccolini) and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Our chilli oil is perfect for spicing up any vegetable or salad dish, adding an extra kick and depth of flavour!

Product Description

Hot chilli oil with Szechuan peppercorn made in NZ grown cold-pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil.

    4 reviews for Chilli Oil Bundle X2

    1. Hannah Tapner

      Excellent oil. Really elevates any dumplings to connoisseur status! Perfect flavour balance.

    2. Christina

      This chilli oil is the best oil ever,we use it in just about everything

      • Vicky Ha

        Love it! Thanks Christina!

    3. James Stradling

      Life changing.

      • Vicky Ha

        Damn! Love it!

    4. Dom Blaazer

      Amazing stuff. I also use it on almost everything and wondered how I lived without it. The best bit is then you’re at the end – all that’s left is a little oil and any flakes of chili/peppercorn that didn’t make it out. It’s like an extra bonus explosion!

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