Meal Inspiration and Dumpling Recipes

Time to spice up your taste buds! Impress your family and friends, or cook a quick dinner for one. 

Browse through some of our easy to follow delicious dumpling recipes. Whether you’re a vegan or a meat-lover, there’s something for everyone!

bbq dumplings

BBQ Dumplings

Our dumplings can be cooked so many different ways and one piece of cooking equipment that often gets overlooked is the barbecue! Spice up your next barbecue and serve up a real crowd pleaser- with your choice of vegetables. Ready in 5 minutes, let dumpling queen/ auntie Vicky show you how a woman can woMAN a barbecue!

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bostock chicken dumplings free range meat house of dumplings

Dan Dan Dumplings

Dan Dan noodles are a staple of Sichaun street food and have been gaining popularity as a cult foodie dish. We decided to recreate the

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