As a food producer, we have the obligation to do our very best to make delicious food without costing our planet an arm and a leg. Our values define who we are and these are our philosophy!


Every single dumpling is carefully handmade by us with no shortcut,  just like every _dsc3114dumpling should be. Start from beautiful pastry that is made with Wellington milled flour and water, sometimes with spices and vegetables inside the pastry.


Nature provides us with flavour in abundance, therefore our food is only flavoured with fresh herbs, spices and seasoning. You will NOT find any MSG, artificial colouring or flavouring or preservatives in our range whatsoever.


It makes so much sense to use local ingredients. It is fresher, with less food miles and supports the local economy. We love getting our ingredients from local producers and farmers directly that are hours drive from us.  It is important to us that the animals we eat have led a decent life as nature intended. All our veges are from Levin; cold pressed rapeseed oil grown and processed in Canterbury; LongBush free range pork  from Wairarapa where the pigs live outside eating good quality food which in turn means we can taste the quality in our dumplings; Rangitikei corn fed chicken that run free and are not kept in cages. We try our best to use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.


We are aware of the  environmental cost of our food, and we try our best to minimise the impact on our planet.  At least 90% of our
packaging is biodegradable. We compost all our food scraps and packaging with the Wellington Kai to Compost program. They do a great job keeping our waste out of the landfill and turning it into quality compost for local gardens. We also chose Taupo Beef, one of the most sustainable beef producer in NZ.

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