Our Story

2015-02-04 14.59.48-1We want to make good quality comfort food using the best quality produce that nature can provide. The sort of dumplings that a grandma would feed their grandchild, no cutting corners, all made from scratch. It is about heritage and using the best possible ingredients that are produced locally and ethically. We are privileged to live in such a beautiful country so keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible helps keep our air fresh and rivers clear. It’s about doing the right thing! We want to make the world a better place, one dumpling at a time!

How it all started? 

“Mum makes the best dumplings, although I do think mine are close to hers (if not better!)

Growing up in Hong Kong my sister and I used to sit around the living room and help mum make dumplings all the time. Because I was an athlete in my teens, I could easily eat more than 30 dumplings at a time. Even now they are still my ultimate comfort food!

In April 2012, I started House of Dumplings with just 2 manual pasta machines. I spent 17 hours to make the dumplings and then peddled them on my cargo bike to the City Market to sell. It sold out within two hours!”

Vicky Ha, Queen of Dumplings